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Feb 04, 2020 · Turning up at a job and pumping concrete efficiently and quickly is the major advantage of a mobile pump which makes it suitable for the widest range of construction projects. Stationary Pump: A static concrete pump also called Stationary, Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump, and Line Pump. It is mounted on a trailer and needs a separate pipeline to

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Jan 17, 2014 · "Kenworth is excited to show the T880 at the World of Concrete for the first time. The all-new T880 is the flagship of Kenworth's outstanding vocational truck offering and is already attracting extensive interest from vocational operators who want a quality and durable truck with low operating cost in applications such as mixer, dump and bulk haul," said Alan Fennimore, Kenworth

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Main Advantages of Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump. 1. Compared to buying concrete pump and mixer, the cost of concrete trailer pump for sale is lower, which is more ideal for investment.. 2. Concrete trailer pumps for sale can save human resource in the process of operation, significantly reduce the cost because only one person to operate overall the pumping process.

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Concrete trailer pumps have very good advantages in narrow and long-distance transportation, and are necessary equipment for construction projects.tel/wechat

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Concrete trailer pump, as a kind of concrete machinery, is used for the transportation and pouring of concrete materials in the construction scene. On the one hand, it is applicable on fine stone concrete conveying, floor heating construction, tunnel and underground construction, mortar conveying.

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The line pump is a type of pump in a trailer to which hoses or pipes are attached. Any number of hoses can be attached to meet the length requirements. This type of pumping requires a worker to hold the hose or delivery pipe during placing of the concrete.

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Mar 08, 2021 · The cab features the new, 15-in., high-definition, fully Digital Display — the largest standard factory display available in any North American truck to date. And Kenworth says the design is easily adjustable to enable drivers to match their preferences, …

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Generally speaking, concrete trailer pumps, cement mixer and pump, concrete mixer pump can be a good choice for most of pumping construction works. With notable features of strong conveying power, fast pumping speed and long conveying distance, talenet Group trailer concrete pumps for sale have wide application in the construction of high-rise

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The advantages of using a concrete pump What is a concrete pump? A concrete pump is a sophisticated piece of equipment that is used to convey liquid concrete. The Concrete Pump revolutionised the construction industry, allowing large buildings and structures to be built in much quicker times and reducing the spend on personnel.

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· The main advantage of a trailer mounted concrete pump is the flexibility that comes with the pipeline appendages which can be increased, decreased and turned as per the need. Hence, concreting can be done easily at greater heights or depths or unreachable lengths using this pump. ·

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Electric concrete pumps adopt electricity as its original power. Unlike the diesel concrete pump, the concrete pump with electric engine only can work in the areas with sufficient electricity power. Our small electric concrete pump can be used in the small construction sites. Our electric concrete pump for sale has the advantages of high

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And concrete pumping draws in all these benefits! Concrete pumping is the most accurate and quality way of pouring concrete exactly where it is needed. There are mainly two types of concrete pumps – boom pumps and line pumps. These pumping equipment are mounted on trucks or a trailer to make them accessible to all areas of the site easily.

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Trailer concrete pump is a kind of small concrete pump with fully automatic construction operation system, simple operation, stable performance and flexible move. Our company is professional at construction machinery, such as asphalt mixing plant, concrete batching plant, dry mortar plant, crusher plant, concrete pump, etc.

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Jul 26, 2009 · A concrete pump is an important part of any construction project. It is used in transferring liquid concrete by pumping it to the construction site. There are mainly three types of concrete pumps: Boom or truck mounted pump. Trailer, line, or stationary pump. Specialized usage pump. Let's briefly look at these three types of pumps.

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Sep 11, 2019 · Boom Pump Advantages . The Concrete Boom Pump is a pump that will be mounted on a truck. For this reason, we often call it a truck-mounted pump. This kind of pump uses an arm (Boom) that lets you control remotely to transfer concrete where exactly you need it. Trailer Pump, Grout Pump, and City Pump. We are a team of certified and skilled

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The advantage of a mobile pump is that it can turn up at a job and be pumping concrete very quickly to anywhere within the range of the boom. This makes mobile boom pumps very popular on the widest range of construction projects, being able to pump at very high volumes quickly to wherever concrete is needed with minimum labour requirements.

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Jun 24, 2019 · The biggest advantage that comes with purchasing trailer concrete pumps from China is the fact that they are very competitively priced. When compared to many of the other major brands available in the market right now, Chinese brands are …