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Different Types of Concrete Pumps. Mobile Concrete Pump: this type of pump is very versatile and makes pouring concrete on multiple levels go by very quickly. The mobile pump is essentially a concrete pump that is been attached to a mobile boom. The boom acts as a large "arm" that allows the concrete pump to reach different levels and

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Trailer, line or stationary pump: Smaller in size and used for smaller jobs like preparing ground slabs or sidewalks, this type of concrete pump is commonly mounted on a trailer or attached to a truck, but pump concrete through flexible rubber or steel hoses attached to the outlet of the machine. These hoses are linked together and can also be

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Aug 05, 2021 · Concrete pumps can convey continuous concrete to pouring construction sites either horizontally or vertically through pipes. It pumps liquid concrete to the job site using a motor or diesel engine. In addition to helping place concrete quickly, concrete pumps are used in inaccessible areas. Types of Concrete Pumps Boom or Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Concrete…

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Jun 11, 2019 · A line pump (also known as a ground pump) is a trailer-mounted concrete pump or a truck-mounted pump that uses a series of steel or rubber hoses to lead and place concrete wherever it needs to go. And a concrete truck will also unload the concrete into the pump's hopper. Both types of pumps use twin cylinder hydraulic pumps.

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Oct 17, 2020 · This valve is frequently used to differentiate one type of pump from another. The 1st cylinder, also known as the material cylinder, pulls concrete out of the hopper. The 2nd cylinder known as the discharge cylinder thrust the concrete out of the pump …

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Pumping features. The small concrete pumps sale have been very popular with the concrete pumping for its effective pumping system. 1. Oil hydraulic circuits work independently and function normally; 2. Anti-pump is beneficial to exclude pipe blocking and switch off the small concrete pump …

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Sep 12, 2021 · A Concrete Pump is a tool that is used for conveying or carrying the freshly mixed liquid concrete from the containers or the batching plants to the construction sites where it needs to be casted or filled. Here it is discussed about types of concrete pump

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Concrete pumps. Two types of concrete pumps (see Figure 1) are used: Direct-acting, horizontal piston type with semi-rotary valves set to permit always the passage of the largest aggregate particles. This type of pump can cover a horizontal distance of 1000 m and a vertical distance of 120 m.

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Types of CONCRETE PUMP: Boom or truck-mounted concrete pump: This type of concrete pump is appropriate for long roads and highway projects as it's more significant in size. It's often mounted on a truck or a semi-trailer and it has a remote-controlled automatic robotic arm known as boom used to place the concrete as per the requirements

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TYPES OF CONCRETE PUMPS Boom pump: Boom trucks are self-contained units consisting of a truck and frame, and the pump itself. Boom trucks are used for concrete pours for everything from slabs and medium high-rise buildings, to large-volume commercial and industrial projects. There are single-axle, truck-mounted pumps used for their high

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Basic Pump Types . Centrifugal Pumps •Develop pressure by increasing the velocity of the liquid •Liquid is literally flung out of the cutwater . Positive Displacement Pumps •Allow liquid to flow into an open cavity •Trap the liquid in the Light Concrete

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The global concrete pumps market attained a value of USD 3688 million in 2020, driven by the increasing demand in the construction industry. Aided by the rapid technological advancements, the market is expected to witness a further growth in the forecast period of 2021-2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.96%. The market is projected to reach USD 4666 million by 2026.

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Aug 10, 2021 · Type 1: Boom Concrete Pumps. This type of pump is designed with hydraulic levers which accurately place the liquid concrete in areas that are difficult to pour. They offer more flexibility and mess-free pours as compared to other types of pumps. Type 2: Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps. This is where the pump is mounted to the chassis of a vehicle.

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Types of Concrete Pumps. Different concrete pumps have been created based on the pumping pressure, easy operation, and development of techniques. Concrete pumps have the main classification as: 1.Line Concrete Pumps. Concrete line pumps are compact units primarily used for small buildings. A line pump on the truck or on the trailer is installed